Thursday, 20 February 2014

"Fighting To Survive" by Rhiannon Frater

Title: Fighting To Survive
Author: Rhiannon Frater
Publisher: Tor Books

Book 2 of 'As the World Dies'


It’s time to clear the hotel.

The fort has grown crowded as survivors of the zombie apocalypse have found safety between its walls. Winter is coming; soon it will be too cold to live in tents and other makeshift shelters. The leaders of the survivors—Katie, Jenni, Juan, Travis, and Nerit—decide it’s time for an assault on the zombie-occupied hotel that looms over the town square.

A pitched battle in the banquet room is the start of a harrowing, room-by-room struggle from Reception to roof. As the sun sets, the people of Ashley Oaks gather in the hotel’s rooftop ballroom and gazebo to celebrate their survival. Gazing out over the beauty of the surrounding Texas countryside, it’s hard to believe that death and danger lurk around every corner.

The fort’s search and rescue teams have attracted unwanted attention from bandits who see the fort as competition for food . . . and as a ready source of women. The first attacks are minor, but everyone knows there is worse to come.

And beyond the fort’s walls, the zombies shamble, moaning, eyes fastened hungrily upon the living.


The population of the fort finally deice to take the hotel. After losing several  people, the hotel is added to the fort and the population returns to something akin to a normal existence. But then the bandits turn up, taking out several of the out lying people that the fort talk to. Nerit decides it is time to bring the outlying groups into the protection of the fort, provoking a confrontation with the bandits.


Again, a really good read. This was 448 pages of pure zombie pleasure that I could not put down and jumped straight into book 3.

Rating: 5/5

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