Monday, 9 September 2013

"A Beautiful Friendship" by David Weber (short story)

Title: More Than Honor
Author: David Weber
Publisher: Baen

This is the first short story in the book "More Than Honor" which is the first volume in the Worlds of Honor series in the Honorverse.


The story takes place in the year 1518 PD (Post Diaspora) or 3620 AD, approximately 382 years before the events of "On Basilisk Station". The story centers around the first treecat/human interaction on the planet sphinx.

Climbs Quickly, a young treecat scout of the Bright Water clan, ventures to a human settlement intrigued by the plant known to the treecats as "cluster stalk", a plant unlike any known to the 'cats, with a delicious taste.

Stephanie Harrington, an eleven-year-old girl whose family has recently migrated to Sphinx from the planet Meyerdahl is determined to find out who keeps stealing celery from greenhouses and gardens all over Sphinx.

In the middle of a nightime thunderstorm, Stephanie finally catches Climbs Quickly sneaking out of the greenhouse. The two young beings experience a moment of deep psychic connection, the first bonding between a human and a treecat has just occurred.

Wanting to know more about the treecat, Stephanie sets out to track them, with consequences she could not of thought could happen....


This story took me a little over two hours to read and is well written. The story stands on its own merit, with no knowledge needed about David Weber's Honorverse. It was an enjoyable sunday afternoon read.

Rating: 4/5

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